Standard features you would expect from tracking software, such as trip replay, speed reporting, geofencing, location management, odo/hour based reminders and real time tracking are all part of our Fleet Management system

  • Simple,easy to use software via phone or desktop
  • Real time visibility and control of assets regardless of location
  • Traditional ‘breadcrumb’ trip view with underlying details
  • Geo-zone flexibility include keep-in, no-go, location identification
  • Notifications, alerts and reports against defined geo-zones
  • Graphic visualisation of trip details
  • Representation of speed data against actual location speed limits, user defined maximums or customised geo-zone limits.
  • Rating profile feature facilitates driver behaviour management

We also offer a wireless device to satisfy your insurance requirements which can also be used as a secondary device.

in addition to the normal fleet management responsibilities, passenger transport operators face unique challenges. Governments create a raft of statutory obligations, and the market demands high levels of safety, which require careful monitoring.

  • Driver service hours
  • Driver ratings
  • Driver medical and public license renewals
  • Vehicle maintenance, license, service and insurance reminders
  • Speed monitoring

maintaining route profitability and schedule adherence is a significant management burden. Powerful software features like route creation and geofencing, handles much of the management and control burden.

Due to the increasing amount of plant theft in South Africa, Our tailored system helps you keep an eye on your sites when you can’t.

Our plant monitoring system allows:

  • Remote Immobilisation
  • Service Information & Engine Hours-Our system
  • Real Time Location status updates
  • Tow away & Anti-Tamper.
  • Driver Identification


 Tracking Africa offers a solution for managing agricultural operations from forestry plantations to wine farms and large multi crop and herd environments. With our Agricultural system farmers are now able to break down your acreage into smaller bits and pieces thereby giving you the ability to record use with more control as well as monitor your farm assets.

Our agricultural Monitoring System allows:

  • Geofencing areas on farm for rebates.
  • Ability to easily create multishape geo-zones .Geo-zone flexibility include keep-in, no-go, location    identification and routes definition
  • Devices can be fitted to generators. Providing remote real time diesel generators monitoring and control..
  • Reduce Labour Costs – Eliminate discrepancies between hours worked and those claimed

Our Software is used in managing essential services. Police, ambulance and fire departments make use of our software to manage response times, fleet utilisation and improve safety of service emergency personnel.

Control room operators can easily select the most appropriate asset and response team and send despatch data directly from our software to a vehicle.