Tracking Africa’s software for fleet and asset management is a reliable web based, feature rich platform with a customisable, intuitive user interface. Standard features include live tracking, trip replays, reporting and alert notifications. There are many other additional and powerful features such as:

  • Web Based Software – No inconvenience of installations
  • Reduces  risk and operating costs, improves efficiency and increases revenue
  • Multiple plotting of vehicles on map at same time
  • Reminders for maintenance & vehicle licences
  • Hours reporting for Plant Hire – accurate hours based on running engine
  • Odometer reporting
  • Curfew violations for after hour usage
  • Cost Centres can be structured for business with more than one branch
  • Scheduled reporting – structure to receive reports via email anytime, anywhere
  • 24/7 Control room for recovery service

Live Asset Tracking

Watch in real time as your fleet moves around on the hybrid map

Build up alerts from events generated by your assets and customize them with even more configurable filters. Alerts via SMS or email

Customizable Reports

Choose from a large number of customizable reports. Create and save report templates at will to address any reporting need. Schedule reports at any time and have them delivered directly to your inbox.

Activity Streams

See what an asset is up to at any given moment. Quickly view current and past trip activities as they are completed.

Asset State Engine

Is the asset waiting, loading, moving or in the workshop? Create customizable rules to view the current state of an asset with a glance..

Detailed Trip Replays

Simply select a date and a trip to get detailed route and statics presented to you on a trip by trip basis

Location ,Zones and Routes

Create Zones, Locations ,active sites and Routes